Sunday, December 2, 2018

2 December 2018

2 December 2018

Troop Meeting - Monday, 12/3 6:30-8:00
This will be the last of three meetings focusing on Merit Badges: Law, Plumbing, and Scouting Heritage. Last week we whipped some ropes. This week the PLC is going to focus on a couple of knots and a related game. Preliminary menu ideas for board game camp may be floated, time permitting. Menu planning happens 12/10.

Board Game Camp - Kiwanis Scout Camp
Dec 14-16 is quickly approaching!!!
We currently have several Scouts registered - view who's going (I figured out how to use the importrange function). Don't miss out on this favorite camp.

Sign-up here for board game camp by 12/10, no exceptions. 
We'll be staying in two bunkhouses: Otter and Wolverine. Be thinking of the games you'll bring and what you'd like to eat! 

Typically, menus have relied on easy meals so the focus can be on board games. We'll be leaving electronic games in MPLS for the weekend and spend time with some long and short form games. Its a great time for D&D, Risk, Catan, Monopoly, Exploding Kittens, even simple games like 21, and who can drink their hot cocoa slower. We've even had game boards merged and new rules created. Perhaps somebody should bring a game design merit badge pamphlet with them!

Remember to pack slippers - those concrete floors get cold! 

Snow Base - Tomahawk Scout Reservation
Jan 11-13
Sign-Up here for Snow Base by 12/18.  We only have a couple scouts signed up.
Check their website

Enjoy an outfitted weekend of winter fun with our trained Snow Base Staff in January. Staying warm is easy when they provide cold weather training, winter clothing, camping equipment, excellent meals, and outdoor activities. The tiered programs and commitment to innovation ensure fun for all experience levels a new challenge each winter.

Snow Base will provide the equipment (sleds, sleeping bags, cooking, etc...), most of all the cold weather clothing (bring your own long non-cotton underwear and jacket) making the packing list quite small. Snow Base also provides all meals - they're tasty!

Upcoming Schedule
Dec 3 - Troop Meeting
Dec 10 - Troop Meeting Board Game Registration cut-off / Menu Planning
Dec 17 - Court of Honor / Desert potluck

Dec 29 - ILST Primer / Model PLC 9-12

Scoutmaster's Minute
Have you ever squeezed too much toothpaste out of a tube of toothpaste and tried to put it back in the tube? It can’t be done, can it? No matter how hard you try, the toothpaste is out of the tube forever.
Toothpaste is similar to unkind words. Once unkind words come out of your mouth, you cannot take them back.

So when we are tempted to say something unkind, we should remember the parable of the toothpaste, and keep the unkind words to ourselves.