Wednesday, December 26, 2018

26 December 2018

26 December 2018

12/29 - Saturday 9-12, MUMC - PLC 
We are having our PLC and an intro session to our Leadership Skills Training. I'll bring Baker's Wife donuts. Saturday 9-12, MUMC
All scouts are welcome to participate, please register here:

SNOW BASE UPDATE - Tomahawk Scout Reservation
DATE CHANGE - Would you like to go Feb 22-24
We have secured a second driver for our original weekend, thanks Peggy Guinney!

Unfortunately, the weekend we selected has filled up. I apologize, I waited to make a reservation until I knew the definite size of our crew which was in question, based on transportation. As soon as I found out we wouldn't need to do a participant lottery, I tried to register and... it's full.

The next weekend available would be, Feb 22-24

If you're currently registered and can not make it that weekend please let me know ASAPIf your Scout is not registered but is interested in attending that weekend, also let me know ASAP. And if you're able to drive that weekend, please let me know

Snow Base Roster

Sponsor an idea for our DIY High Adventure this summer. We'll start the "pitches" on January 21 and vote before the end of January, so gather some details for a presentation about where you'd like to go, what you like to do, and how we might go about it. Superior Hiking Trail, BWCA, Something else? Choose your adventure... literally.

We head to Tomahawk July 27 - August 3. I'll be at camp all week, but we'll need to fill a second adult spot that can happen in many ways, split up the week into shifts, or somebody can stay all week. Please be thinking if you can spare a day, or two...or 5 and hang with us at Tomahawk. Chippewa, Subcamp; Winnebago, Site

Minneapolis Public Schools don't start back until after Labor Day so we can make this happen between August 11-18.

Ski Camp Registration... coming next week.