Sunday, August 12, 2018

12 August 2018

Troop Meeting Monday, 8/13 6:30pm:
We are cycling Monday and we plan to have a long ride on Saturday, starting from MUMC at 8 am. We’ll work to pick a route, destination(s), estimated duration, and logistics for lunch, first aid, and needed equipment support.
If you’re in interested in reviewing cycling merit badge pamphlet check the link below but don’t be afraid to check out the hard copy from the troop library or purchase one from the new scout shop at Base Camp.


Upcoming Schedule:
Next Monday, 8/20 is a PLC - only PoRs needs to attend: PLs and SPLs, if unable to attend must send a substitute. 
Quartermaster(s) can invite Patrol QMs to help sort gear and organize the shed. 

Great work Saturday!
We had 16 scouts participate and we washed a lot of cars! We took in almost $450! Thanks for your hard work and good cheer. We had some items left over at the end of the day yesterday. 

I brought home an entire 18-gallon tub of towels as well as several brushes (see attached picture). I’m washing and drying the towels; I will have the brushes at the troop meeting, the towels likely won't be done by meeting time. I'll store them, or if you'd like yours back, I'll have them at a future meeting.

Positions of Responsibility (Troop Youth Leadership)
We held elections last week. Our new leadership team will be in place for the next quarter (Aug., Sept., Oct.). Many Positions of Responsibility (PoR) are available - descriptions are linked in the attachment. If your scout is not currently in a PoR and is interested (or in need) for rank advancement, have him talk to Beni and Mr. Needleman.

Patrols will elect Assistant Patrol Leaders (APL), as well as monthly Quartermasters and Grubmasters - these are vital to a well functioning patrol but do not count toward rank advancements.

Troop 1 Leadership- Fall 2018

Scoutmaster Minute

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Last week I told a story about a talented musician slowly transitioning from leading their peers to falling way behind and ultimately quitting because they never really had to work at being good and then they weren't good enough. Think about how you have experienced hard work, talent not working hard, and hard work beating idle talent. We all have talents. We all need to continue to develop them.