Sunday, November 18, 2018

18 November 2018

18 November 2018

Troop Meeting Monday, 11/19 6:30-8:00
This will be the first of three meetings focusing on Merit Badges: Law, Plumbing, and Scouting Heritage. Most scouts selected their Merit Badge of focus last week. 

Board Game Camp - Kiwanis Scout Camp
Dec 14-16 is quickly approaching!!!
Sign-up here. We'll be staying in two bunkhouses: Otter and Wolverine. Be thinking of the games you'll bring and what you'd like to eat! Typically, menus have relied on easy meals so the focus can be on board games. We'll be leaving electronic games in MPLS for the weekend and spend time with some long and short form games. Its a great time for D&D, Risk, Catan, Monopoly, Exploding Kittens, even simple games like 21, and who can drink their hot cocoa slower. We've even had game boards merged and new rules created. Perhaps somebody should bring a game design merit badge pamphlet with them!

Remember to pack slippers - those concrete floors get cold!
Snow Base - Tomahawk Scout Reservation
Jan 11-13
Sign-Up here for Snow Base 
Check their website

Enjoy an outfitted weekend of winter fun with our trained Snow Base Staff in January. Staying warm is easy when they provide cold weather training, winter clothing, camping equipment, excellent meals, and outdoor activities. The tiered programs and commitment to innovation ensure fun for all experience levels a new challenge each winter.

Snow Base will provide the equipment (sleds, sleeping bags, cooking, etc...), most of all the cold weather clothing (bring your own long non-cotton underwear and jacket) making the packing list quite small. Snow Base also provides all meals - they're tasty! 

Thanks to all the scouts that showed up and helped out. A special thanks to Jeanette and Cory for their dedication to making our wreath sale smooth - as their sons are both in 11th grade, we need to get some new volunteers to train in with them for future years, they've got it down to a science if this is something that interests you, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're aware some items are missing, we're tracking them down. If you have confusion please contact Jeanette

Merit Badge Week - North Star Scouting Museum

The Last Super Merit Badge Week of the year will be held between Wednesday, December 26, and Saturday, December 29.

Register your Scout now for the most desired workshops! PLEASE NOTE: There are two sections of Communication offered during this week. Each is an independent workshop, and it is not required to take both of them.

Citizenship in the Nation -

Communication 1 -

Family Life -

Scouting Heritage -

Citizenship in the Community -

Personal Management -

Communication 2 -

Citizenship in the World -
Upcoming Schedule
Nov 19 - Troop Meeting
Nov 26 - Troop Meeting
Dec 3 - Troop Meeting
Dec 10 - Last day to register for Board Game Camp / Menu Planning
Dec 17 - Court of Honor
(No Troop Meetings Dec 24 or 31)

Scoutmaster's Minute
Thanksgiving is this Thursday. Its a time for family, food, reflection, gratitude and sharing our "plenty." As Scouts, we have a unique lens to focus our experiences.

Try to tease out all the "plenties” that fill our lives: plenty of loving friends and family members. Plenty of interesting books and movies. Plenty of homework to do, Plenty of goals to achieve, merit badges to earn, ranks to advance through. Life offers so many types of richness—may we notice and celebrate each one.

It's important to remember not everyone has the opportunity to sit down at a Thanksgiving table that’s full of food and family. take some time to share, and provide some service. Whether by volunteering your time, inviting a friend or neighbor to join your family’s celebration or something more for those who need support, you can be sure that you’ll appreciate your “plenty” all the more when you share it with others. Remember our Scout Slogan: Do a Good Turn Daily.

Many families have the tradition of going around the Thanksgiving table and sharing the things each person is grateful for. Maybe this year, you can ask your guests to share a thought about something they’re grateful to have “plenty” of. Some might be funny, but some might express true gratitude. 

Gratitude is sometimes understood as “recognizing the good.” Gratitude is available to us every day, and it's important to take time for discovering it.  Finding and expressing gratitude is something for us all to “practice”. Make a point to find gratitude 
daily. At first, it might be forced or contrived, but practice makes permanent. Remember your pledge to live by the Scout Oath and may you bring happiness to others.