Sunday, January 6, 2019

7 January 2019

Troop Meeting - Monday, 1/7 6:30-8:00

Happy New YEAR!!!
We had a very productive PLC on Dec 29. We're going to be busy!!!

Service Opportunities 
1/9 -Wednesday - Help the MUMC Food shelf from 5-7pm. It's their spaghetti dinner fundraiser and they'd appreciate the help bussing and running dishes, etc. This is NOT at MUMC it's at Lake Nokomis Lutheran. If you plan on attending, let me know so I can pass along your information - I may not be able to make this event. Scouts should wear their best Class A Uniform. 

1/12 - FMSC - Since Snow Base was canceled, the PLC wanted to do some service at Feed My Starving Children. We have 12 spots - 2 need to be for adults. So that's room for 10 scouts depending on driver availability. Register here by Thursday. Scouts should wear their Red Class B uniforms. No Jewelry and some other rules need to be followed.

1/26 - Mini-Harvest for the MUMC Food Shelf. 7:30-9am. Show up in Uniform and help distribute food to those in need. Last Saturday hike to follow.

Ski Camp - Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp / Trollhaugen
Feb 8-10, 2019
Ski Camp costs more than most camps, but we get a group discount. The cost breakdown is below.
Friday, Feb 8 - Meet at MUMC 6:00 (eat dinner beforehand or pack a sack, we won't be stopping). On the road by 6:30 for an estimated 7:30 arrival. 
We'll be hosting the Arrow of Light Scouts and their Akelas.

Camping inside at Fred C. Andersen in the Peterson Cabins 1 & 2

Saturday Breakfast in Camp, 9:00 drive to Trollhaugen (about 30 minutes)
Saturday - 9:30 arrival at Trollhaugen, Ski all day, Return to Fred C about 6 pm
Saturday Lunch is at the Ski Chalet. Bring money or decide with your patrol to pack lunches in advance (You might still want money for hot cocoa). $15-$20 should get you hot cocoa and lunch. Here's their Menu. Saturday Dinner is provided in camp. Louis Hoffman stays back and cooks for the day! Thanks Louis!

Camp Food $10 -Friday Cracker Barrel, Saturday Breakfast, Saturday Dinner, Sunday Breakfast
Lift Ticket - $36 Scouts / $40 Adult
Skis or Snowboard, Boots, Poles, Helmet - $20
Beginner Ski or Snowboard Lessons - Free

Register Here -  Registration will Close Feb 4. 

Snow Base 2.0 - Tomahawk Scout Reservation
DATE CHANGE - Would you like to go Feb 22-24.
Sign-Up here for Snow Base by 1/14. We have a previous crew of scouts signed up. If you're currently registered and can not make it that weekend please let me know ASAP. If your Scout is not registered but is interested in attending that weekend, also let me know ASAP.

And if you're able to drive that weekend, please let me know. We'll likely need more driver(s). We had secured a second driver for our original weekend, thanks Peggy Guinney! I'm not sure of her status for the new weekend. If you're an adult interested in attending, you'll have to complete BSA Youth Protection Training and make sure you have a Health Form Parts A & B filled out.

Check the Snow Base website

Enjoy an outfitted weekend of winter fun with our trained Snow Base Staff in February. Staying warm is easy when they provide cold weather training, winter clothing, camping equipment, excellent meals, and outdoor activities.

Previous Snow Base Roster

Upcoming Schedule
Jan 9 - Service for Food Shelf 5-7pm at Lake Nokomis Lutheran
Jan 12 - Service at Feed My Starving Children 9-11
Jan 14 - Troop Meeting
Jan 21 - Troop Meeting (High Adventure Proposals Due)
Jan 28 - Troop Meeting
Feb 4 - Troop Meeting
Feb 8-10 - Ski Camp @ Fred C. Andersen / Trollhaugen
Feb 11 - PLC Meeting
Feb 22-24 - Snow Base at Tomahawk

High Adventure Proposals
Sponsor your idea. Do some research about where you'd like to go and what you'd like to do. Presentations at the Troop Meeting on - Jan 21

Scoutmaster Minute
This is inspired by a monologue from the Ancient One in the 2016 
Marvel film, Dr. Strange:
You cannot beat a river into submission. You have to surrender to its current and use its power as your own. 

As youth, we're often at the confluence of many rivers. You can only paddle upstream so long before you're exhausted. Use your resources and skills to help accomplish your aims.